Thursday, November 8, 2012

TET - ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வு ஆங்கிலம் வினாக்கள் பகுதி 3

 How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters OTE using each letter once?
Ans: OneChoose the word is most Opposite is meaning of the word given PoliteAns: Offended RevealAns:  Conceal Spot the odd one out : Bag, Basket, Hat, BucketAns: Hat - the others are used for carrying things*  Fill in the blankI do not know what _____________________ my father choose that particular schoolAns:  Made  In the Active Learning Method (ALM) mind map is drawn to check the ________of the studentsAns: Understanding of the content  I thought it might ________Ans: Rain Change the given verb into noun form : ImagineAns: Imagination*  Choose the correct order of the sentences from tha list given belowa. ABDCEF b. BDAFEC c. DFEABC d. BDEFC Identify the Compound Sentece :a. He is too tired to walkb. After he had done the sums he went to bedc. As she worked hard she completed the workd. The farmer was old and he could not plough the field himself  choose the correct phrase to fill in the blank in the sentenceShe_____________ living in chennai since 1986.Ans  : has beenFind out the appropriate word in each case*   It was a usless attempt on her part to participate in the competitionAns  : futile*   He is reluctant to ask for permission to leave earlyAns  : unwillingThe alternative best describes its use in the sentence
*    The police will leave no stone unturned to discover the murderer
Ans  : Investigate thoroughly*   I ____________ you are wrongAns : Know*   Would you mind _________ the window, please?Ans : openingSelect the word with the correct prefix*   a) Deordinate b) postordinate c) disordinate d) suboridnateAns : d) suboridnate*   a) Tireful b) tirely c) tirery d) tiresomeAns : d) tiresome*    "A bit" means________Ans : a small amount*    To "act up" means _________Ans : to behave badly*   "Out of shape" means to be _________Ans :unfit*   To "pop up" means to ________Ans : appear suddenlyselect the correct sentence :*     a. His uncle met with an accident       b. His uncle met for an accident       c. His uncle met on an accident       d. His uncle met in an accident*    a. I took pity on him      b. I took pity for him      c. I took pity about him      d. I took pity in himIdentify the given Sentence :*   On seeing the police, the thief ran away     a. Complex  b. Compound    c. Simple  d. Negative*   The girl who found the purse is my cousin.     a. Complex  b. Compound     c. Simple    d. Negative *   He is too small to climb the hill.    a. Complex  b. Compound   c. Simple    d. Negative*  Identify the correct degree :    No other girl in the class is an intelligent as uma    a. Imperative     b. Positive    c. Superlative     d. Comparative*  Identify the Superlative Degree :    a. Most of the Islands are not larger than Australia.   b. Australia is the largest island.    c. No other island is as large as Australia    d. Australia is larger than any other island.*   Identify the positive degree :      a. Gandhi is the greatest of all leaders.      b. Gandhi is greater that all other leaders      c. Subhash Chandra Bose is not greater than Gandhi     d. No other leader is as great as Gandhi