Thursday, November 8, 2012

TET - ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வு ஆங்கிலம் வினாக்கள் பகுதி 5

* '' The train arrived'' is a -------------- sentence pattern
(a) S+V (b) S+V+C+A (c) S+V+A (d) S+V+O
* ''India won the match'' is a --------- sentence pattern
(a) S+V (b) S+V+C  (c) S+V+O (d) S+V+O+C
*  In hints development, give a sitable -----------------------
(a) sub -division (b) title (c) name (d) division
*  The second major elements of speech is ------------------
(a) intonation (b) stress (c) pause (d) None of these

To "back down" means ---------------
     to give up a claim
*  The first major element of speech is --------------------
(a) intonation  (b) pause (c) sounds  (d) stress
* If it is a story use ---------------------------
(a) future tense (b) past perfect tense (c) past simple tense (d) None of these
*  Writing composition is developed through regular ------------------------
(a) practice (b) speaking (c) writing (d) reading
* Write ------------------ in developing hints
(a) One paragraph (b) three paragraph (c) five paragraph (d) essay
* Reporting conversation is in the format of ----------------------
(a) argument (b) expository (c) descriptive (d) reported speech
*  -------------------- is a means of developing reading skill
(a) silent reading (b) reading aloud (c) scanning (d) skimming
*  Accuracy is needed on the part of the teacher in --------------
(a) Grammar translation method (b) Direct method  (c) Structural approach (d) All three
Select the pair among the following which is set in Opposition
* (a) Abortive : Successful (b) Macabre : Earic (c) Mock : Rally (d) Secret : Covert
* (a) Sardonic : Bitter (b) Bright : refulgent  (c)Fetch : Bring  (d)  Wanton : Restrained
* (a) Gay : Animated  (b) Generation : Age (c) Full : Replete (d) Sumise : Fact
*  In story telling ------------------ is developed.
(a) fluency  (b) reading (c) writing (d) hearing
*  ------------------ is an essential skill
(a) Note taking  (b) Riddles   (c) Both  (d) none
* --------------------- requires active listening and precise writing
(a) Note taking (b) Reporting game (c) Narration (d) None of these
*  Complement complete the meaning of a ----------------
(a) noun (b) sentence (c) verb (d) question
*   slient reading is an -----------activity
(a) individual (b) skillful (c) both (a) and (b)  (d) Non of these
* "All hours" means ----------------
     at irregular times
*  Adverb that say something about the manner is -----------------
(a) Adverbs of manner  (b) adverb of time  (c) adverbs of place (d) Non of these
* A man "after my own heart " means -----------     Liking the same things as me
*  ----------------- habits  have social significance
(a) reading  (b) writing  (c) watching (d) Non of these
* "Against the clock" means -----------
     a test of speed or time
*  Clause that says about a period of time is ---------------
(a Adverbial clause of time (b) Adverbial clause of  place (c)  Adverbial clause of  noun (d) Non of these
*  In a summary the language should be --------------------
(a) simple (b) formal (c) standard (d) complicated
* '' May I '' is a --------------- utterance
(a) requests/ permission (b) request  (c) introducing (d) permission
*  We can be polite even in -------------
(a) disagreement (b) apology (c) rude (d) None of these
*  "And then some"  means -----------
     and a lot more
* In CLT teaching is a --------------
(a) teacher - centered (b) learner - centered (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these
* The  third major element of speech is -------------
(a) Stress  (b) pause (c) intonation (d) None of these
 * English is a gateway to higher education so it is called ---------------language
(a) Library (b) multi -lingual (c) bi-lingual (d) national
*  "Along in years" means ----------
      getting old
* English is a ------------- language because of its trade and commerce
(a) national (b) international (c) library (d) link
* Controlled composition needs a -------------
(a) text (b) hints (c) guide (d) none of these
* All along" means -----------------
    all the time
* Lalitha is studying now -  sentence pattern
(a) S+V+A  (b) S+V+C  (c) S+V+O (d) S+V+O+C
* A news report has a structure of inverse -----------
(a) cup (b) cone (c) pyramid (d) none of these
* and, but, or are ----------------------------
(a) Phrasal verbs (b) relative pronoun (c) subordinating conjunctions (d) coordinating conjunctions
* Sentences that contain coordinating conjunctions are sentencse
(a) simple (b) complex (c) compound (d) imperative
* -------------- must deal with one topic or idea
(a) paragraph (b) sentence (c) essay (d) all the three
* To ''back out" means  ----------
     to get out of an agreement
*  Conjunctions join clauses into -----------------
(a) main clauses  (b) sentences (c) subordinate clauses (d) phrasal verbs
* You can use "that instead of which in as --------- style
(a) formal (b) informal (c) both (a) and (b) (d) None of these
*  Content words are --------------
(a) friendly (b) strangers (c) both (a) and (b) (d) None of these
* A "babe in the woods" means ---------------
    someone who is innocent
* He Borrowed my book last week - sentence pattern
(a) S+V+O+C (b) S+V+O+A (c) S+V+IO+DO (d) S+V+O+A
Choose the right alternative from the options given:
*  An interpreter is involved with the task of
(a) Translation  (b) Transformation (c) Transcription  (d) Inscription
*  A market where old and used goods are sold is called a
(a) Flea Market (b) Grey Market  (c) Share Market (d) Black market
Choose the right word from the option given:
*  A collection of assorted poems or other writings is Known(a) A journal (b) An Anthology (c) A case book (d) Reviews
*  An author who writes the story of another person's life is kown as 90
(a) Diarist  (b) Historian (c) Chronicler (d) Biographer
Which of the following spellings is correct:
*  (a) embarrass  (b) embaras  (c) embarras (d) embarass
(a) License (b) lisense (c) lisence (d) licens
*  (a) consencus (b) concensus (c) consenssus (d) consensus
* (a) arguemant (b) arguemint (c) arguement (d) argument
(a) Proceede (b) Proceed (c) Procede (d) Proced